Expect more from your
AHU selection software!

Accelerate turn-around, radically lower risk, and reduce cost of sales

with Kinetix Air​

Bring Your Selection Process into C21

Unified, Collaborative Workflow for AHU Design, Sales, and Manufacturing.

Accelerate AHU design

Radically reduce level of effort in AHU design and manufacturing.

Streamline Workflow

Streamline your end-to-end workflow in a single pane of glass.

Reduce Risk

Avoid the need for repetitive, error prone manual processes.

What is Kinetix Air?

Kinetix Air is a radical rethinking of AHU selection software that accelerates the design process and automates validation, costing, submittal, and BOM allowing your team instant access to collaborate on all phases of the design and manufacturing process.

Traditional selection software only does part of the job. Kinetix Air unifies all aspects of custom AHU design and automates the repetitive and time-consuming parts of the process – cutting your level of effort and reducing risk from errors. Kinetix Air AHU selection software cuts design time by 50% and reduces validation, pricing, submittal, and BOM package time to near zero, saving you more than 20 hours per AHU – for an average savings of $200K per year.

Air handling unit

Instantly Access Quality Components from Over 150 Top Manufacturers

Kinetix Air AHU selection software puts the highest quality components from the world’s leading manufacturers at your fingertips and we are adding new lines regularly. Our API -driven integrations, makes it quick and easy to add new manufacturers and ensure that all listing are complete, accurate and up-to-date.

#1 AHU Software Optimized

for Manufacturers

Better Selection. Faster. With Less Risk.

Kinetix Air will change the way you design, sell and manufacture AHU’s.
Here are a few key numbers to illustrate its impact our your operations.


Level of effort per AHU


Reduction in human error (post-design)


Faster deployment and configuration


Customer configurable


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Who is Kinetix Air For?

Kinetix Air was developed by experienced custom AHU specialists who understand every step of the process. They designed the platform specifically to simplify, accelerate, and rationalize what is a complex and time-consuming process, where repetition of tasks introduces a significant risk of costly human error. Kinetix Air AHU selection software is a powerful new tool designed for:

  • AHU Manufacturers
  • Manufacturers Representatives
  • Engineering firms
  • Design-Build Contractors

What’s New @ Kinetix Air

Kinetix Air has launched a number of new platform functionalities built to drive optimum efficiency for our customers! This quarter, we’ve added new fans, coils, and features that will help your organization streamline and accelerate AHU production. 
Commercial projects often have specific and unique HVAC needs that drive the choice to commission the manufacturing of custom air handling units (AHUs). Here are four essential requirements that need to be considered and addressed during the custom AHU design process.
Before you can kick off even preliminary exploration for custom AHU design, here is a quick checklist of questions you will need answered. From initial design all the way through to shipping and maintenance orders, Kinetix provides your team with the intelligent, capable, and customizable toolkit they need to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and correctly. Find out how.
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