Win the Race to BOD!

Don't get bogged down with spreadsheets and old-fashioned selection software.

Accelerate AHU Design with Kinetix Air

Bring Your Selection Process into C21

Unified, Collaborative Workflow for AHU Design, Sales, and Manufacturing.

Accelerate AHU design

Deliver designs in hours instead of days to win BOD.

Streamline Workflow

Fast ROI by saving 20 hours per design and increasing win rate.

Reduce Risk

Deploys in 30 days vs. 360 days on average for on-prem software.

What is Kinetix Air?

In custom AHU sales, speed counts. When a rep starts working on a new project with an engineering consultant, the clock starts ticking, and getting to be BOD (basis of design) is the name of the game.

Kinetix Air is the next evolution of selection software – supercharging your SAEs and accelerating your design, selection, validation and bill of materials process. Kinetix Air helps your SAEs produce complex designs in hours instead of days or even weeks and win the race to BOD.

Kinetix Air

Powerful, customizable next-generation
selection software for Custom AHU
Manufacturers that accelerates design and
selection and automates 3D drawings,
component lists, pricing, BOM and more.

Kinetix Air PreSelect

PreSelect is a Lite version of Kinetix Air that
allows Reps and Rep firms to generate fast
preselections, get back to the consulting
engineers faster and help win more business.

Instantly Access Quality Components from Over 150 Top Manufacturers

Kinetix Air AHU selection software puts the highest quality components from the world’s leading manufacturers at your fingertips and we are adding new lines regularly. Our API -driven integrations, makes it quick and easy to add new manufacturers and ensure that all listing are complete, accurate and up-to-date.

#1 AHU Software Optimized

for Manufacturers

Better Selection. Faster. With Less Risk.

Kinetix Air will change the way you design, sell and manufacture AHU’s.
Here are a few key numbers to illustrate its impact our your operations.


Level of effort per AHU


Reduction in human error (post-design)


Faster deployment and configuration


Customer configurable


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Who is Kinetix Air For?

Kinetix Air was developed by experienced custom AHU specialists who understand every step of the process. They designed the platform specifically to simplify, accelerate, and rationalize custom AHU selection to help you respond to RFD faster and get selected as BOD.

  • AHU Manufacturers
  • Specialist Representative Firms
  • Engineering firms
  • Consultants
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