About Kinetix Software

Kinetix Software are the developers of Kinetix Air –  a unified air handler manufacturing platform (UAHM). Kinetix Air is a collaborative, SaaS-based platform that unites all the phases of AHU design and manufacturing into one efficient, dynamic and cost-effective workflow. Where current AHU selection software platforms really only do selection, Kinetix Air addresses all the manufacturer’s needs and even provides a shared platform where specialized representative companies and engineering firms can collaborate directly with manufacturers.

Based in the LA-area, Kinetix Software is currently emerging from stealth mode, and several AHU manufacturers and engineers are already using it’s Kinetix Air platform. The focus for the next phase is to build long-term relationships with key industry partners. The objective is to help AHU manufacturers thrive in the face of increasing demand for speed, efficiency, and ecological responsibility by radically re-engineering and streamlining standard operating procedures.

Our Story

Founded in 2018, Kinetix Software was born out of a series of conversations between Tech Entrepreneur Sevag Ajemian and HVAC/AHU guru Vicken Arabian. These conversations focused on how the custom AHU design and manufacturing industry is struggling to cope with new market demand for speed, efficiency, and eco-friendliness. With internal processes and support technology that seem stuck in the 90s, the challenge seemed daunting.

With Arabian’s insider knowledge of the industry and Ajemian’s insight into building winning SaaS business models, it wasn’t long before Kinetix Software was born. With new market players looking for the latest technologies to give them a competitive edge and to help tackle the rising demand for AHUs, the stage is set for Kinetix Air to help streamline the entire AHU manufacturing process.

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Our Founders

Sevag Ajemian Kinetix Air CEO

Sevag Ajemian


With a 30-year track record of creating high-growth software & IT companies, Sevag is a serial entrepreneur who understands what it takes to go from start-up to established player. Sevag’s background in banking and regulatory compliance is also a major success factor for the companies he’s involved with.

Vicken Arabian Kinetix Air CTO

Vicken Arabian


Vicken Arabian is a Mechanical Engineer (Cal Poly Pomona) and project manager (UC Berkeley) with more than 30 years experience working in the custom AHU industry. Vicken has played a key role in numerous highly complex and high visibility AHU projects for organizations such as Raytheon, Walt Disney, Lockheed Martin, various University of California campuses, various California State University campuses, and Northrop Grumman.

As the Subject Matter Expert (SME), Vicken is quite literally the brains behind Kinetix Air. His vision of bringing enabling, unifying collaborative technologies to the siloed world of custom Air Handling Unit manufacturing is the driving force behind the development of the platform. Vicken brings with him an insider’s perspective on complex dynamics involved in AHU sales, engineering, and manufacturing. He also brings an engineer’s exacting standards to ensure Kinetix Air is a product driven by the real needs of manufacturers.

Join the Team

We are always looking for experienced AHU sales professionals and sales engineers. If you are looking to work for a dynamic young company that is in high growth like Kinetix Air reach out to us.

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