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Check in with us here on the Kinetix Air Blog for the latest product news, perspectives, discussions, and analysis on a range of issues related to custom AHUs and the HVAC industry.

Kinetix Air has launched a number of new platform functionalities built to drive optimum efficiency for our customers! This quarter, we’ve added new fans, coils, and features that will help your organization streamline and accelerate AHU production. 
Commercial projects often have specific and unique HVAC needs that drive the choice to commission the manufacturing of custom air handling units (AHUs). Here are four essential requirements that need to be considered and addressed during the custom AHU design process.
Before you can kick off even preliminary exploration for custom AHU design, here is a quick checklist of questions you will need answered. From initial design all the way through to shipping and maintenance orders, Kinetix provides your team with the intelligent, capable, and customizable toolkit they need to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and correctly. Find out how.
Q4 was a big quarter for new features in Kinetix Air. From migration features and customized hoods to new component integrations, you can find out all about how the platform continues to evolve and what to expect next quarter. Read on.
If you’re planning to attend AHR 2022 in Las Vegas (Jan 31 to Feb), make sure you stop by the Kinetix Air booth (N11435) to learn more about how the Kinetix Air platform is reinventing AHU selection software...
Designing a custom AHU is an iterative process, and that iteration – and the time it takes, drives cost and, in many cases, slows the service provided to the design engineer and, later on, the manufacturing and delivery. With traditional selection software, the design process becomes heavy, requiring multiple rounds of validation and re-pricing. And once a bid is won, the work starts all over again...
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