Come See Us at AHR 2023 to Find Out What’s New with Kinetix Air

It’s been a year since the last AHR, and we’ve added a ton of new features and functionality that take Kinetix Air to a new level of useability and flexibility. Come meet us at AHR 2023 (booth B4741) from February 6th to 8th at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta to see what’s new. 

You can also set up a 1 on 1 demo during the show by clicking here.

New in 2022

This year we’ve added: 

  • New design capabilities
  • New manufacturers
  • New component types
  • Upgrades like our improved submittal package builder and the capability to create your own white-labeled components
  • And much more

Kinetix Air is blowing a wind of change in the AHU manufacturing industry. Come talk with myself and our CTO, Vicken Arabian, in Atlanta to find out how Kinetix Air can impact your business.  

Streamline, Accelerate, and Optimize AHU Manufacturing with Kinetix Air

Traditional Selection Software only helps AHU manufacturers do part of the job. With Kinetix Air AHU software, you can design and price an air handling unit in hours. 

But Kinetix Air goes much further, unifying all aspects of custom AHU sales, design, and manufacturing. It automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks saving time and money, increasing capacity and reducing risks from human error. Isn’t it time to put Kinetix Air to work for you?

See you at AHR!

Sevag Ajemian

CEO, Kinetix Air

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