An Open Letter from Our CEO – AHU Manufacturers are asking for Change

In early February myself and our CTO Vicken Arabian spent 3 days at AHR Expo in Atlanta. Meeting so many of you was a privilege, and it was eye-opening to hear firsthand about the real-world challenges facing custom AHU manufacturers in 2023.

What we heard was manufacturers need enabling technologies, tools and approaches to meet challenges from inflation, rising interest rates, supply chain delays, labor shortages, and even increased demand. And many of you asked us if we could help your organization become more effective without massive investments in new facilities, new infrastructure and human resources.

We heard you when you said you were frustrated with platforms that stopped at the design phase. We heard you when you said teams couldn’t collaborate inside the office, much less across the country. We heard you when you told us iterating designs was painfully time-consuming.

What we want you to know, above all, is that whether you’re an established player or just entering the market, our Kinetix Air platform can be the cornerstone of a faster, leaner, more agile and more profitable Custom AHU manufacturing process.

Kinetix helps you accelerate design and sales, streamline and unify workflows and reduce risk at every stage of the process.

If that’s of interest, we should talk.

Drop us a note at [email protected]
Or set up a time for a demo link to Calendly

Talk to you soon,

Sevag Ajemian
CEO, Kinetix Air

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