Checklist for Custom AHU Design

Before you can kick off even preliminary exploration for custom AHU design, here is a quick checklist of questions you will need answered.

Before You Get Started

  • Project description (what will the AHUs be used for?)
  • What are the budget priorities (low initial cost, durability, energy efficiency)?
  • What is the timeline for delivery (is this a regular production schedule or an emergency build)?
  • Unit placement (will the unit be housed inside the facility or outside?)
  • Performance parameters (facility size, supply and return CFMs, external static pressures, and outside, supply and return temps)
  • Design factors to be considered (are there any physical constraints affecting the AHU, its installation and maintenance?), i.e. dimensions, weight limits, site access, etc.
  • Special materials considerations or industry-specific requirements to be considered

Kinetix Air Accelerates Your Design Process and Much More

Kinetix Air helps you jump-start the design process by letting you create bootstrap templates for different types of AHUs. It also automates costing and validating – allowing you to iterate designs on the fly. But even better: Kinetix Air is a SaaS-based Unified Air Handler Manufacturing (UAHM) platform that brings together the design and manufacturing process into one streamlined, collaborative workflow. 

From initial design all the way through to shipping and maintenance orders, Kinetix provides your team with the intelligent, capable, and customizable toolkit they need to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and correctly. Find out how.

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