Kinetix Air PreSelect Is Poised to Revolutionize the Way Rep Firms Do Business

This week, Kinetix Air announced the launch of its second product, Kinetix Air PreSelect, a simplified version of the powerful Kinetix Air custom AHU design selection platform. PreSelect is designed specifically to serve the needs of Representative Firms. For the first time, PreSelect gives reps a simple yet highly capable tool to create design selections to respond directly to requests for design (RFD) from consulting engineers. That capability helps Rep Firms respond to RFDs first and improve their odds of being chosen as Basis of Design (BOD).

“It’s not exaggerating to say the PreSelect is a revolution for Rep Firms,” explains Kinetix Software CEO Sevag Ajemian. “The platform lets reps respond to requests for design from consulting engineers directly, without needing to slow down the process by going back and forth with manufacturers. Of course, they’ll still depend on the manufacturers for final designs, selection and pricing. But in the sales phase, where speed counts, we’re giving rep firms the tools they need to respond early and improve their chances of winning the race to BOD.”

“PreSelect is kind of a lite version of Kinetix Air,” says Vicken Arabian, Kinetix CTO. “Its feature set is tailored to helping reps produce fast, early-phase design preselections without all the in-depth personalization and collaborative features that are so vital to custom AHU manufacturers. It’s still an incredibly powerful AHU design selection tool but focused on the needs of Rep Firms.”

PreSelect is already in use with several Rep Firms, and the response has been incredibly positive. “With Kinetix Air PreSelect, our SAEs can do their own fast, accurate preselections to support the sales engineers and get back to the consulting engineer. It’s had a real impact for us,” says Bob Carpenter, Inside Sales Support at Coward Environmental Systems, based out of Philadelphia.

Kinetix Can Help You Win the Race to BOD

If you want the whole story on exactly how Kinetix Air PreSelect can help give your reps superpowers, help you get selected as Basis of Design and raise your win rate, just click here.

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