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Kinetix Air Profiled in Construction Tech Review

Kinetix Air was featured in the latest edition of Construction Tech Review this month. The in-depth profile shines a spotlight on how the Kinetix Air Platform is set to revolutionize the world of AHU selection, design, and manufacturing.

The article features interviews with our CEO Sevag Ajemian and Vicken Arabian, whose expertise in the AHU industry was the driving force behind the platform’s development. It lays out the market dynamics in terms of climate change and post-covid regulatory requirements that are about to create a boom in the AHU industry. And it explores how Kinetix Air is uniquely positioned to help AHU manufacturers and all the stakeholders involved in the process capitalize on the market opportunities of the next decade.

You can learn more about how Kinetix solves some of the major issues facing manufacturers trying to streamline and accelerate AHU design and manufacturing by reading the article here: Expediting the Design and Manufacturing of AHU.

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