Kinetix Air at AHR Expo

Come Meet Us at AHR Expo

If you’re planning to attend AHR 2022 in Las Vegas (Jan 31 to Feb), make sure you stop by the Kinetix Air booth (N11435) to learn more about how the Kinetix Air platform is reinventing AHU selection software by unifying and accelerating all phases of design and manufacturing – allowing your team to collaborate through the full product lifecycle.


You can get a quick tour of the product or set up a one-on-one demo with our CEO, Sevag Ajemian, and CTO, Vicken Arabian. Don’t miss this opportunity to see Kinetix Air AHU selection software in action and explore the impacts a unified custom AHU design, sales, and manufacturing platform could have on your business.

See you in Vegas!

To set up a demo session, click here.

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Designing a custom AHU is an iterative process, and that iteration – and the time it takes, drives cost and, in many cases, slows the service provided to the design engineer and, later on, the manufacturing and delivery. With traditional selection software, the design process becomes heavy, requiring multiple rounds of validation and re-pricing. And once a bid is won, the work starts all over again...
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