Kinetix Air Q4 update

New in Kinetix Air in Q4 2021 and Upcoming in Q1 22

Q4 was a big quarter for new features in Kinetix Air. From migration features and customized hoods to new component integrations, you can find out all about how the platform continues to evolve and what to expect next quarter. Read on.

New This Quarter in Kinetix Air

This was another big quarter, as we debuted a number of new features and capabilities that will drive increased efficiency for Kinetix Air users.

  • Project Migration and Filing:
    Kinetix Air now lets you import old project files (PDF submittals, etc.) from their current Selection Software and other platforms, simplifying and speeding up migration by allowing users easy access to documentation from past projects.
  • User-Customized Hoods: We’ve added user-customized hoods for outside air and exhaust air configuration, including integrated, dimensioned 3D and 2D modeling and air pressure drop calculation.
  • ebm-papst EC Plug Fan-motor Rating and Selection: We’ve launched our new integration of ebm-papst EC plug fan-motor rating and selection, including K3g and R3G fans and M3G motors.

Slated for Release in Q1 2022

We’ll see several important new pieces of functionality deployed next quarter to help you get the most out of Kinetix Air. Many of these valuable new features are customer requests, so drop us a note if you have a new feature request.

  • New Submittal Package Report: In Q1, we’ll be rolling out a major redesign of the Submittal Package Report. The new report will include the AHU model plan, and elevation dimensioned drawings, and you may also upload PDF cut sheets. We’re also upgrading the User Settings section’s UX (User Experience).
  • Access Doors: We’re currently working on the functionality to allow Access doors to be selected as parts, in addition to the presently available factory-built option. This will include doors of various materials and accessories from Wintech. We’ll be adding other manufacturers soon.
  • Multiple Section Dampers and Louvers: We’re adding large, multiple section dampers and louvers from already integrated manufacturers, including Ruskin, Greenheck, and TAMCO.
  • Filter Combo Section: Users will be able to specify filter combo sections, where two filters (2″ + 12″ or 4″ + 12″) are installed in a single section and a single frame.

Kinetix Air Streamlines, Accelerates, and Cuts Costs of AHU Manufacturing

Custom air handler manufacturing is competitive, and traditional Selection Software only helps manufacturers do part of the job. Kinetix Air unifies all aspects of custom AHU sales, design, and manufacturing. It automates repetitive and time-consuming parts of the process – cutting your level of effort and reducing risk from errors. With a unified solution like the Kinetix Air AHU software, you can design and price an air handling unit that meets any customer specification within a matter of hours and quickly make changes to the model as they come up.

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