Q&A with our CEO: Keeping Your Proprietary Data Safe and Private in Kinetix Air

Today, we’ll be talking with Kinetix Air CEO Sevag Ajemian about data security and privacy for organizations using the Kinetix Platform.

Q: Sevag, why did you want to address client data security and privacy today?

A:  Well, over the past couple of months as discussions progressed with AHU manufacturers, this issue came up time and time again. And the good news is that it’s an issue that we’ve planned extensively for, in terms of procedures and policies.

Q: Why do you think this issue is suddenly top of mind for organizations looking to make the transition to Kinetix?

A: The answer to that question is pretty simple. In the past, manufacturers used on-premise software and their data was on their server with no connectivity to any other system. Part of the problem that Kientix solves for manufacturers is the siloed nature of the current selection software, helping other teams and even partners collaborate on designs to accelerate submissions and subsequent fine-tuning. But the fact that Kinetix is a cloud-based, SaaS platform has led to concerns about data security, privacy and even transportability.

Q: What are manufacturers concerned about exactly?

A: Here are a couple of the most common questions we get. How do we know our competitive information – including client lists, price lists, proprietary approaches and IPs – won’t get hacked or, even worse, divulged to our competitors? If we decide to move on from Kinetix, will we have to pay fees to access or migrate our data?

Q: Those sound like pretty legitimate concerns. What does Kinetix do to address these issues?

A: They are valid concerns. But they are exactly the type of concerns cloud-based, SaaS platforms have to have ironclad ways of dealing with, or we would all be out of business. For security, our AWS cloud servers adhere to the SOC2 standard to keep your data safe. For privacy, we use a multi-tenant architecture, which means no chance of crosstalk or data leakage between user organizations.

The software also includes configurable, role-based access controls to ensure that you are able to have granular control over what users can see and do – inside your organization or with partners.

As for vendor lock-in and data transportability, all our contracts include exit provisions that enable you to take a full archive of your database including working files and also ensure that we irretrievably delete your data across both our live and backup infrastructure.

Q: So if I am following you correctly, it sounds like there is nothing new here – just a need to communicate clearly about something that has always been baked into the solution.

A: Yes, I think that’s a good summary. Again, these are important questions. Questions potential clients need to have answered. And I hope the answers we’ve provided make it clear that we’ve both understood and planned for data security, privacy and transportability within the platform. 

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