Using PreSelect to Accelerate Custom AHU Sales – A Case Study

As an early adopter of Kinetix Air PreSelect, Coward Environmental Systems, a Philadelphia-based specialist rep firm for manufacturers of environmental and air management systems, is one of the first rep firms to really be able to judge the impact the platform can have on the custom AHU sales process. 

We asked the folks at Coward to share with us what challenges made them look for an AHU design/selection platform. We also asked them if and how PreSelect was addressing the issues it was brought in to solve and what impact the platform is having on their business. Here’s what they told us, in their own words.

Coward’s Challenge

“Because our focus is supporting the consulting engineers and end users, we needed a tool that would allow us to respond rapidly to requests for custom AHU selections and performance.”

How PreSelect is Solving that Challenge

“With its powerful design capabilities and smart automation, Kinetix Air PreSelect has reduced the time it takes for our sales engineers to respond to RFIs. This means we are often the first to respond with equipment selections, including footprint, weight, electrical, and performance.”

The Impact

“With PreSelect, our sales engineers can now respond to RFIs in hours rather than days or weeks. The bottom line is that we are the basis of design on many more projects, which, in turn, provides us with an advantage at bid time and ultimately improves our win rate.”

“Being able to get back to the consulting engineers quickly is a real advantage. And Kinetix Air PreSelect is giving us an edge by empowering our SAEs.”

Bob Miller, President, 

Coward Environmental Systems Inc

Can PreSelect Have the Same Impact In Your Organization?

The Kinetix team developed PreSelect because, time after time, specialist Rep Firms told us that AHU manufacturers weren’t the only ones who needed effective AHU design and selection tool. 

The Rep Firms all told us the same story. “We can’t always wait for our manufacturers to get back to us.” With Kinetix Air PreSelect, reps can do their own fast but accurate preselection and get back to the consulting engineer quickly. PreSelect lets Rep Firms respond to RFQs first, which puts you in the driver’s seat to win the race to Basis of Design. Can it do the same for you? 

PreSelect also allows Rep Firms to collaborate directly with Manufacturers that use the Kinetix Air platform, reducing design time and eliminating time-consuming rework.

Watch our short video to see us design an AHU in under 20 minutes.

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KinetixAir PreSelect  Can Help You Win the Race to BOD

If you want the whole story on exactly how Kinetix Air PreSelect can help give your reps superpowers, help you get selected as Basis of Design and raise your win rate, just click here.

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