Win the Race to Basis of Design With Kinetix Air

In custom AHU sales, speed counts. When a rep starts working on a new project with an engineering consultant, the clock starts ticking, and BOD (basis of design) is the name of the game. More often than not, the manufacturer who responds first with selection, schedule and guide spec that meets the project requirements will end up getting selected as BOD. And that is good. Being selected BOD means that nine times out of ten, you will get the contract to build those AHU units. Kinetix Air can help you be BOD by accelerating your design, selection, validation and bill of materials process – allowing you to produce complex designs in hours instead of days or even weeks.

Cut Response Time From Days to Hours

Kinetix Air is a revolution in selection software, providing speed and accuracy that other platforms can’t match – cutting your response time from days to hours (see comparison table below). And if your company is still using spreadsheets, component manufacturer tools and CAD to develop proposals, the speed and capacity boost provided by Kinetix is even more dramatic.

Supercharge Your SAEs

The platform gives your Sales Application Engineers (SAE) the power to create detailed AHU designs, develop 3D parametric drawings, and generate technical datasheets, weight calc, pressure drop calc, temperature profile reports, bill of materials, and much more in mere hours. It can even automatically generate guide pricing (if you want) using our Activity Based Costing system. From setting up your project to producing a BOM, guide spec and proposal, Kinetix Air allows SAEs to respond faster, iterate faster and take on more projects.

Kinetix Air vs. Current Selection Software

If Being BOD Is Important to You, We Should Talk

Kinetix Air helps you jump-start the design process by letting you create bootstrap templates for different types of AHUs. It also automates costing and validating, allowing you to respond to RFPs 90% faster and iterate designs on the fly. To learn more about how Kinetix Air can help you win the race to BOD, set up a demo today.

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