Kinetix Air Unified Air Handler Manufacturing Platform

Kinetix Air is a SaaS-based Unified Air Handler Manufacturing (UAHM) platform that brings together all the custom AHU design and manufacturing process phases into one streamlined, collaborative workflow. From initial design all the way through to shipping and maintenance orders, Kinetix Air provides your team with the intelligent, capable, and customizable toolkit they need to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and correctly.

Kinetix Air radically reduces the person-hours required throughout the AHU design and manufacturing lifecycle by creating a single shared workflow for all aspects of the process.

#1 AHU Software Optimized

for Manufacturers.

Kinetix Air Benefits

Kinetix Air will impact almost every aspect of your sales, design, and manufacturing process. Here just a few of the key benefits.

Leverages existing designs to fast-track new designs.

Reduces senior engineering time in the design phase.

Automates validation, pricing, order entry, submittal package, and BOM.

Initial setup and configuration in 10 days vs. 6 months for competitors.

Unifies fragmented, time-consuming process, reducing duplication of efforts.

New upgrades automatically included as part of your subscription.

CMS allows you to customize and update via configuration, not programming.

Cloud-based and accessible from anywhere.

Lower initial investment because of SaaS model.

Near-zero risk of human error after the initial design phase.

Enables dynamic, real-time collaboration between geographically dispersed teams.

Enhances collaboration with partners (rep companies and engineering firms).

Kinetix Air vs AHU Selection Software

Phase AHU Selection Software Kinetix Air
Selection (CAD drawings, data sheet, pressure drop calcs, weight calc, etc.) 6hrs 1hr
Validation 2hrs Automated
Communication 1hr 0
Pricing 2hrs Automated
Proposal 1hr Automated
Order Entry 2hrs Automated
Submittal 4hrs Automated
Order Release 1hr Automated
Bill of Material (BOM) 3hrs Automated
Scheduling 1hr 1hr
Production 8 weeks 8 weeks
Shipping Order 1hr 5hrs

Fast-track AHU Sales

Kinetix Air enables your team to carry out initial AHU design quickly and effectively. But Kinetix Air goes further than typical selection software by automating validation and product costing as well as letting your team place and release orders, all from a single pane of glass.

Kinetix Air takes a process that used to take days and streamlines it so it now only takes hours.


Streamline AHU Design

Kinetix Air’s powerful, customizable design interface is a revolution in AHU design that cuts engineering time by 50% or more.

The platform gives the engineer the power to create detailed AHU designs, develop 3D parametric drawings, and generate technical datasheets, weight calc, pressure drop calc and temperature profile reports, bill of materials, and much more.

360° Visibility, Collaboration, & Control

The Kinetix Air dashboard is your single pane of glass for visibility, collaboration, and control of all aspects of your design and manufacturing process.

Designed by veteran AHU industry experts to meet the real needs of industry professionals, the dashboard is where teams work and collaborate. It provides real-time status updates that help your teams be more agile and efficient.

In addition, Kinetix Air provides unprecedented visibility and analytics across all projects current and past to help you gain valuable, actionable insight into your business processes.


Let us consult with you!

Our experience shows that each customer has different needs!  When it comes to component menus, overall process complexities, and expected product/feature usage each customer is unique. Here at Kinetix Air, we strive to understand the needs of each prospective customer and how Kinetix Air’s Selection Software can and will transform their business before discussing pricing. 

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