Kinetix Pricing

Here is a breakdown of features that are available in the current versions of Kinetix Air.

Kinetix Air Versions

AHU Selection in 3D
2D & 3D Models & Views
Plan & Elevation Views
Elevation Near Side
Elevation Far Side
Elevation Discharge
Elevation Intake
Plan + Elevation Near Side
DWG, Revit & STEP exports
Step Model
3D Rendering
Reassigning of projects
3D Model View
3D Model View + Data
3D Model
Project Equipment Schedule
Data sheet
Pressure drop calc
Fan selection
Coil selection
Gas heater selection
Evap Pack selection
Weight Calc
Workflow Manager
Change Logo on Reports
Submittal Package
White Labeling
Bill of Materials
Environment Self Customization
Sharing of projects
Cost Accounting (ABC)
Cost Accounting - Labor
Cost Accounting - Summary
ERP/MRP API Integration


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Our experience shows that each customer has different needs!  When it comes to component menus, overall process complexities, and expected product/feature usage each customer is unique. Here at Kinetix Air, we strive to understand the needs of each prospective customer and how Kinetix Air’s Selection Software can and will transform their business before discussing pricing. 

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