Kinetix -Air Handling Unit (AHU) Software Benefits

Air Handling Unit (AHU) Software Benefits

Kinetix Air is a web-based air handling unit (AHU) software designed to help organizations manage their manufacturing lifecycle from start to finish. Designed with custom air handler manufacturers in mind, our selection software makes daily tasks less time consuming and expedites both the design and the process. Our software grants you the ability to take on more orders from customers without needing to expand your team.

Air handling units are at the heart of the HVAC system; whether it is a commercial office building, a hospital, industrial space, or a home, AHU’s are needed. It is where heating, cooling, and air filtration happens and then gets distributed back into the space.

One of Kinetix Air’s benefits is that it brings you customizable options that have not been available before in the manufacturing lifecycle. It can be uniquely customized on a per-customer basis to share what you want with your clients. Previously in the industry and even now, many companies could only share a 2D drawing and some cut sheets. Now with the Kinetix Air platform you can share 3D models, Autodesk Revits, and real air handlers for integration into customer models. Ensure your team and customers are on the same page at every step.

Kinetix’s AHU software eliminates the need for individual programs for separate components. It is no longer needed to draw everything in AutoCAD, and then draw in each individual component, lengthening an already tedious and inconsistent process. Using Kinetix, you can simply access our software from any internet browser and find all the coil ratings, fan information, dimensions, weights, and more. Streamlining this process makes projects more manageable and quicker to complete for your team, reducing the need for larger teams.

Custom air handler manufacturing is a competitive environment. Companies need to be as efficient as possible to process new orders while having the time to nurture active projects with clients. Last but not the least benefit of Kinetix Air is that you can build an air handling unit that meets any customer specification within a matter of hours, and quickly make changes to the model as they come up. The ability to adapt quickly to any changes a customer may present helps you build a relationship, assuring your reliability. Kinetix Air gives custom air handler manufacturers the capability to reach out to more customers more quickly with a smaller team.

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