What’s New In Kinetix Air – Q1 2024 Update

In the first quarter of 2024, we deployed several new functionalities that help optimize the usability and efficiency of Kinetix Air across the platform.

Equipment Schedule Report – It’s here! The much-awaited equipment schedule report. With a single click, the Kinetix platform now outputs the project equipment schedule in CSV (xlsx) format. The report file may be sent to the design engineer, who can easily import it into popular CAD packages, including Autocad, saving numerous work hours and avoiding risks associated with manually entering the air handling unit data in the equipment schedule.

Ziehl-Abegg Fan Rating Ziehl-Abegg EC plug fan rating is the latest fan performance integration in the Kinetix Air platform. Users may now rate and select numerous series Ziehl-Abegg EC plug fans with EC Blue motors, native to the Kinetix Air platform.

User-defined Quote & job numbers – You asked for it, so we did it! In addition to the capability to configure Kinetix Air to automatically generate quote numbers and job numbers customized to the manufacturer’s numbering methodology, users may now enter in custom quote and job numbers as well.

Linear Lights –  In addition to cylindrical lights, the Kinetix Air platform introduces linear lights from various manufacturers. You can insert your linear lights on any mounting plane, including ceilings, side walls, and end walls, and in two orientations.

Auto-Positioning – Add common accessories, including openings, access doors, dampers, louvers, APD gauges, VFDs, enclosures, disconnects, and junction boxes, and Kinetix Air auto-determines the exact position of the accessory while giving you the ability to manually position it if needed.

Kinetix Can Help You Accelerate AHU Design

Kinetix Air’s next-generation custom AHU selection tool helps you jump-start the design process and accelerate selection. It also automates costing and validating, allowing you to respond to RFPs 90% faster and iterate designs on the fly. To speak with one of our experts about how Kinetix Air can help your business, click here to set up a call.

If you want the whole story on exactly how Kinetix Air can help give your SAEs superpowers, help you get selected as Basis of Design and raise your win rate, just click here.

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