Kinetix Air at AHR Expo

A Breath of Fresh Air – Kinetix Air Takes AHR by Storm

It was a big week for Kinetix Air at AHR in Chicago last week!

Our CEO, Sevag Ajemian and CTO, Vicken Arabian, had the chance to meet with existing Kinetix Air users, talk to component manufacturers, and, most of all, do demo after demo for excited AHU manufacturers, reps, and even consulting engineers.

Kinetix Air has been attending AHR for several years now, and the trend has been upward each year. “We really got the sense that over the last year, the features that Vicken and the development team have put in place have taken the platform to a new level,” explains Ajemian. “Virtually every AHU manufacturer we showed the product to this year requested a follow-up presentation to dig into the platform’s capabilities. The overwhelming feedback we got is that Kinetix would be a game-changer in terms of helping sales application engineers (SAE) get back to reps faster to help win the race to basis of design (BOD).”

According to Arabian, “In past years, we got lots of interest in the platform. But the level of interest was different this year. For sure, our new features and capabilities made an important difference this year. But also focusing our message on how we accelerate the sales process helped manufacturers understand the value more quickly. Either way, this year, Kinetix Air really resonated with custom AHU manufacturers.”

If you want the whole story on exactly how Kinetix Air can help give your SAEs superpowers, help you get selected as Basis of Design and raise your win rate, just click here.

If Being BOD Is Important to You, We Should Talk

Kinetix Air’s next-generation custom AHU selection tool helps you jump-start the design process and accelerate selection. It also automates costing and validating, allowing you to respond to RFPs 90% faster and iterate designs on the fly. To learn more about how Kinetix Air can help you win the race to BOD, set up a demo today.

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