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Kinetix Air Integrates V-Bank Filters for Even More Choice in Your AHU Designs

You asked for them and now they’re available for selection in the Kinetix Air custom AHU platform. V-Bank filters are the latest component type addition to our platform. Some of our early adopters asked us to integrate this highly efficient filter configuration, but why were these filters a priority?

Understanding V-Bank Filters: A Technical Overview

V-Bank filters are a specialized type of air filter with a V-shaped configuration that optimizes the filter’s surface area, allowing for increased particle capture efficiency. The V-Bank design is in high demand for applications requiring high filtration performance and minimal pressure drop.

Enhanced Filtration Efficiency

In custom AHU design, where tailored solutions are the rule, achieving optimal indoor air quality is non-negotiable. V-Bank filters excel in capturing particles of various sizes, including fine particulate matter that standard filters may struggle to detain. This enhanced filtration efficiency not only ensures a healthier indoor environment but also contributes to the longevity and functionality of HVAC systems.

Reduced Energy Consumption

One of the critical considerations in AHU design is energy efficiency. V-Bank filters, by design, offer a lower resistance to airflow compared to traditional filters. This results in reduced energy consumption as the AHUs don’t have to work as hard to maintain desired airflow levels. Whether it’s a cleanroom, a hospital, or an industrial facility, businesses can lower operational costs and create a more sustainable environmental footprint.

Extended Service Life and Reduced Maintenance

AHU downtime due to maintenance can be a costly affair for businesses. With their high dust-holding capacity and durability, V-Bank filters contribute to an extended service life of the filtration system. This means less frequent replacements and reduced maintenance costs, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations without worrying about HVAC interruptions.

If Being BOD Is Important to You, We Should Talk

Kinetix Air’s next-generation custom AHU selection tool helps you jump-start the design process and accelerate selection. It also automates costing and validating, allowing you to respond to RFPs 90% faster and iterate designs on the fly. To learn more about how Kinetix Air can help you win the race to BOD, set up a demo today.

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