Kinetix Air at AHR expo 2022

Kinetix Air Blows Folks Away at AHR Expo

At the beginning of the month, the Kinetix team attended the AHR Expo in Las Vegas, and the reaction to our Kinetix Air platform was amazing. During the show, more than 300 attendees dropped by our booth to talk to our CEO Sevag Ajemian and CTO Vicken Arabian to learn more about Kinetix Air. Throughout the three days of the show, Vicken conducted over 40 live demos, walking folks through the platform and demonstrating how Kinetix Air is redefining the custom AHU selection software category.

We had the opportunity to meet with a number of new component manufacturing companies interested in onboarding their products into Kinetix Air and got face time with some of the organizations already using our platform to hear about their experiences and discuss our evolution.

If the response at AHR Expo is any indicator, Kinetix Air is the right product at the right time to help custom AHU manufacturers streamline and accelerate the complex design, sales, and manufacturing processes in order to boost capacity and competitiveness.

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Kinetix Air Streamlines, Accelerates, and Cuts Costs of AHU Manufacturing

Custom air handler manufacturing is competitive, and traditional selection software only helps manufacturers do part of the job. Kinetix Air unifies all aspects of custom AHU sales, design, and manufacturing. It automates repetitive and time-consuming parts of the process, cutting your level of effort and reducing the risk of errors. Kinetix Air cuts design time by 50% and reduces validation, pricing, submittal, and BOM package time to near zero, saving you more than 20 hours per AHU for an average savings of $200K per year. With a unified solution like the Kinetix Air AHU software, you can design and price an air handling unit that meets any customer specification within a matter of hours and quickly make changes to the model as they come up.

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