Kinetix Air has revolutionized Custom AHU Manufacturing

We all know that technology is supposed to make life — and doing business — easier.

And yet the software used by most custom AHU manufacturers comes with its own set of problems. You’ve got AutoCAD drawings turned in by one person, data sheets sent out to another and a flurry of emails that can get downright disorienting. Then there are the times you accidentally send an outdated file. Or a PDF file bounces back because it was too big to email.

This lack of effective collaboration slows your project down and cuts into profits.

The reality is that technology has never been used to its full potential in the HVAC industry — until now.

Kinetix Air is the only web-based platform available in North America which allows you to manage all your AHU manufacturing needs in one place and in real time. The centralized platform allows all departments — including engineering, sales, purchasing, production, shipping and service — to work on the same project at the same time. And everything is synced in real time, which keeps everyone on the same page at all times.

The result is that any piece of information you need on any project — past or present — is just a few clicks away. Errors and overhead are decreased while efficiency — and the profits that come with it — are increased.

Rating is taken care of. So is dimensional validation. Selection is handled as well. Scheduling and shipping are no longer a problem. Performance validation is ensured.

With KInetix Air, projects that might have taken weeks or months can be completed in hours or days. There is no more saving files, making PDFs or even emailing. Everything is done in one place, where it’s always up-to-date and accessible to everyone involved in the project.

Here are a few of the additional benefits that Kinetix Air can bring to your operation:

  • Allows you to access specific information in current or past projects with a few simple clicks. No more searching through PDFs and outdated files.
  • Eliminates costly meetings, emails and phone calls.
  • Provides real-time communication of all management, sales, technical, scheduling and service-related information across various departments.
  • Offers smart, versatile, flexible project management.
  • Decreases the risk of costly engineering and sales mistakes.
  • Instantly and accurately updates the CMS with the latest sales and engineering standards and rules.
  • Shares information between all stakeholders without duplicate entry.
  • Gives you a suite of solutions, all in a single, simple to use, centralized platform.

Because Kinetix Air operates on a software as a service (SaaS) platform, you’re guaranteed to always have access to the best technology has to offer. You — and your entire team — will be in sync and optimized to do your very best work.

Interested in learning more?

Contact us today or give us a call at (818) 293-8240 to discuss how Kinetix Air could revolutionize your operations. Technology can and should make life easier — and we’d love the chance to show you how Kinetix Air can turn problems into profits for your business.

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