New Cloud-Sharing Functionality for Reports Breaks Down Final Barriers to Collaboration

Since day one, the Kinetix Air platform has been all about rationalizing processes and creating seamless collaboration for AHU manufacturers to improve productivity. And that means sharing and collaborating with partners and clients inside and outside your organization. Since the platform’s launch, users have been able to share their AHU models (3D models and others) openly with a simple cloud link.

New – Report Cloud Sharing

With our latest platform update, we’re happy to announce that Kinetix Air users can now share any report they generate. This includes submittal packages, individual component selections, bill of materials, and every other kind of report you may need via a quick, easy, and secure cloud link. 

Accelerates Sharing, Reduces Workloads and Reduces Risk of Human Error 

Sharing via cloud link eliminates the need to create PDFs and the risk of managing version control. Now, everyone on the product team has access to the latest version of your document. There’s no need to resend it if you make changes.

These may sound like basic, common sense capabilities. But ask anyone in the custom AHU manufacturing industry, and you’ll hear the same thing. Fixing the communication and collaboration flow is a crucial area manufacturers want to address.

Kinetix Air Can Help

Kinetix Air was developed by experienced custom AHU specialists who understand every step of the custom AHU design and manufacturing process. They designed the platform specifically to simplify, accelerate, and rationalize what is a complex and time-consuming process. Find out more about how Kinetix Air can help.

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