New Auto-Generated AHU Equipment Schedule Report Saves 4 Hours Per Design

Our hard-working dev team has just launched the latest time-saving feature in Kinetix Air. With the new Kinetix Air Equipment Schedule Report, Kinetix users can generate an equipment schedule report for all the AHUs in a project in CSV (xlsx) format with a single click, which can then be sent to the consulting mechanical engineer to import it as a table into Autocad. 

Reducing the Risk of Error and Helping Win the Race to BOD

Not only does the Kinetix Equipment Schedule Report save countless, precious hours of the consulting mechanical engineer’s time, but it also practically eliminates the risk of making mistakes while manually inputting the AHU performance data in the equipment schedule, which further incentivizes the consulting engineer to work with manufacturers and reps who use Kinetix for their AHU selections and make their AHU product the basis of design (BOD) in their projects. And, as we all know, being selected as BOD on a project hugely increases your chance of securing the order, as contractors are usually discouraged from substituting the BOD-specified equipment.

Kinetix Air Streamlines and Accelerates AHU Design and Sales

According to our CTO, Vicken Arabian, “For a typical project with, let’s say (3) typical AHUs, the manufacturer or the manufacturer’s representative, after selecting the AHUs, would send the selection to the consulting mechanical engineer in multiple PDF format files (technical data sheet, fan selection, coil selection, etc.). The engineer receives the information and then spends 3-4 hours reading all the performance information from the PDF files and inputting it into the equipment schedule in the building plans, which is typically prepared in Autocad.”

“This is a slow, time-consuming manual process, and there is also a significant risk of errors creeping in because, let’s be honest, people make mistakes,” explains Arabian. “But Kinetix Air changes all that, eliminating the risk and drudge work and, once again, streamlining and accelerating the custom AHU design and sales process.”

If Being BOD Is Important to You, We Should Talk

The new Equipment Schedule Report is just another example of how Kinetix Air helps accelerate the custom AHU design process. The platform also automates costing and validating, allowing you to respond to RFPs 90% faster and iterate designs on the fly. To learn more about how Kinetix Air can help you win the race to BOD, set up a demo today.

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