Poka-Yoke and Kinetix Air

You could be forgiven for thinking poka-yoke is a trendy new raw fish delicacy. But when it comes to custom AHU manufacturing, it’s actually an important quality control concept. 

Spoiler Alert: Kinetix Air is a powerful poka-yoke tool that can reduce the risk of human error in your AHU design and sales process to near zero. 

According to the American Society for Quality, the Japanese term poka-yoke (pronounced PO-ka yo-KAY) refers to fail-safing or mistake-proofing via the use of any automatic device or method that either makes it impossible for an error to occur or makes the error immediately obvious once it has occurred. Coined by Shigeo Shingo in the 1960s at Toyota, it became a core element of the company’s lean manufacturing process. The central tenet of poka-yoke is to put into place systems that make it near impossible for human error or any other kind of error to make it into final products by ​​preventing, correcting, or drawing attention to these errors.

3-Way Kinetix Mistake Proofs your AHU Designs

Reducing the risk of error is vital in any phase of any manufacturer’s process. Errors equal cost, and extra cost reduces competitiveness. But reducing risk can’t come at the price of a slower design process – that is how poka-yoke came to be. Kinetix Air is unique in that it accelerates the design and sales process while also mistake-proofing your designs, 

Here are three of the top ways Kinetix Air helps custom AHU manufacturers radically reduce the risk of errors in the design and sales process.

  • Our content management system means all elements of your design (and associated specs) are standardized and up-to-date – no chance of your SAEs using an out-of-date spec or making a typo.
  • Automated validation means that every detail of every design is reviewed in seconds, and any elements that don’t meet the requirement are flagged for remediation. Meaning there is no chance of accidentally sending out a design proposal that doesn’t meet the specs.
  • Account-based pricing allows users to automatically generate accurate pricing based on the components identified in the design and other associated costs. Again, this eliminates the risk of using outdated prices, missing a key component or process, or just making a calculation error.

Kinetix Air also reduces risks associated with human error or data inconsistency across all aspects of your manufacturing process by ensuring that your teams can share and collaborate on common project documents at all production phases rather than having to re-enter data into new documents and platforms at various stages of your process.

If Being BOD Is Important to You, We Should Talk

Getting your design proposal into the hands of the consulting engineer first is a big factor in getting chosen as the basis of design. But if that proposal has errors in it… well, you get the picture. 

Kinetix Air helps you jump-start the design process by letting you create bootstrap templates for different types of AHUs. It also automates costing and validating, allowing you to respond to RFPs 90% faster, with a much lower chance of errors and iterate designs on the fly.

 To learn more about how Kinetix Air can help you win the race to BOD, set up a demo today.

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