Here’s what’s new at Kinetix Air

 Kinetix Air has launched a number of new platform functionalities built to drive optimum efficiency for our customers! This quarter, we’ve added new fans, coils, and features that will help your organization streamline and accelerate AHU production.

Some of our biggest updates…

Comefri Fans fan integrationWe have added yet another fan manufacturer to our list of available fans in the Kinetix Air platform. Users can now rate and select Comefri fans via the platform, including all plenum, cube and DWDI series fans.

Direct Coil coil integrationDirect Coil chilled water, hot water, evaporator and steam coils are the latest addition to our list of coil integrations. Users can now rate and select Direct Coil coils as part of their designs.

DWDI arrangement 3 fansFinally, we’ve been able deliver on a promise we made to our customers. DWDI arrangement 3 fans are now a Kinetix Air component. Rate and select your DWDI fan, single or twin, with or without fan and motor isolation base, in any of four motor positions.

Vertical plug fans – Due to popular demand, we’ve added vertical plug fans that allow users to apply EC plug fans vertically, both in up (arrangement 4Vu) and down (arrangement 4Vd) positions. You can now design your multi-stack vertical air handling unit in Kinetix Air, with arrangement 4Vu or 4Vd plug fans.

Unlimited project files and notes –  You can now add your related pdf files, such as plans, specs, and purchase orders to your projects and save them in your Kinetix Air server, giving you easy access to files in the future.

Generic component selections – We know you value specificity in your design process. That’s why you can now rate and select your components using your AHU manufacturer’s name, making a selection of fans, coils, ER Wheels, Plate Heat-Exchangers or UVC manufacturers a breeze.

More components and accessories addedEvery quarter, we have a host of new component and accessory manufacturer’s products added to our database. To check out the full list of new items, check out our website or schedule a demo.

And of course, be on the lookout for our next update in the near future!

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