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You can measure AHU performance without using a software and sensor suite or installing a controller system. It’s not quick and easy, but it’s possible. Start by measuring temperature and humidity at both inlet and outlet. Then measure the barometric pressure.
Air Handling Units (AHUs) are ubiquitous throughout commercial real estate, industrial facilities, and large-scale public buildings. They play an integral role in all HVAC systems, helping regulate and circulate air in indoor spaces by using fans to draw air across an evaporator coil to absorb or release heat.
Kinetix Air was featured in the latest edition of Construction Tech Review this month. The in-depth profile shines a spotlight on how the Kinetix Air Platform is set to revolutionize the world of AHU selection, design, and manufacturing.
Kinetix Air is a web-based air handling unit (AHU) software designed to help organizations manage their manufacturing lifecycle from start to finish. Designed with custom air handler manufacturers in …
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